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Welcome to Supplier Marine

JAYA UTAMA MARINE CV,You are here, But your vessels are there, and there, and there yet somehow you have to supply them before they move on to their next destination. Jaya Utama Marine CV,  is a Ship Chandler Indonesia Supply company which is here to serve the continuing growth of the busy sea of Indonesia , especialy Tanjung Perak Port which is growing day by day. Besides that, we also do supply all port in Indonesia and do provide our ship supply throughout Indonesia.

Jaya Utama Marine CV , a general ship supplier company serving Indonesia Ports and specialize in ship supply and service.
As a ship supply company , we understand that time and money are key considerations for vessel owners and managers.That’s why Jaya Utama Marine CV, Ship Supply in the late 2013s to provide the most efficient way to deliver all kind of supplies and provisions to vessels.
Our Ship Supply teams also provided with emergency response and incident management support.
Our operations are supported by staff and crew who are all well experienced and with a good knowledge in marine ship supply.